Wednesday, September 29, 2010

expanding my library

As mentioned many posts back, my application for a Creation Grant from the NS Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage was successful. I received my cheque for $8000 at the end of August. After Christmas, once the busy fall craft fair season is over for another year, I plan on working full-time on my art practice. This means putting my scarf production aside completely and giving my full attention to the creation and development of a new body of work. This work will focus on mapping shorelines and most of the work will take place on my Cranbrook loom at North Pocket Studio.
So, even though I am not devoting time this fall directly to creating new work, in between scarf production I am preparing so that I am set-up and ready when the time comes. Part of being ready is doing my technical research. Yesterday I ordered all brand new tie-up chords from Schacht Spindle Company in Colorado for my Cranbrook loom so that I can get rid of the difficult chain tie-up system that came with the loom when I bought it second hand 6 years ago. These new cords will make for a much more even shed (the space between the warp threads that opens when a peddle is pressed) and therefore will open me up to really exploring a wider range of weave structures without the hassle my current set up poses.

One new weaving structure that I've been fixated on the last week or two is double weave. This is a technique that allows you to weave two layers of cloth simultaneously and it has been a real brain work-out trying to get a grasp on the pattern drafting and the potential possibilities. So on Monday I ordered two books about double weave, and a third called "Mastering Weave Structures". I'm very excited about expanding my understanding of woven structures, and that grant money is meant to be spent!

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  1. How exciting! I look forward to seeing what this new venture produces. How nice to have support for the kind of work you want to create.