Tuesday, August 24, 2010

on the horizon

Running around today trying to get everything in order. To PEI early tomorrow morning for a week's vacation and then directly to Fredericton, NB for a craft show. Getting our apartment tidied up, making sure our cat Luigi has food to eat while my friend Brooke looks after him for a week until Damien returns from PEI next week. Cutting up freshly printed business cards and hang tags that I've been re-designing myself as I become more proficient with Adobe InDesign. Making sure everything I need for events of the next two weeks are packed.

Yesterday I finished my first small run of new "Horizon" scarves, and today I washed and dryed them on the line. I think I will see how they do in Fredericton "un-dyed". I definitely have to fight the urge to saturate the colour by dyeing the scarves in acid dye. This would colour the white silk while leaving the three colours of cotton (already coloured when I weave them) the same colours. But once I try them on, I really like the lightness that the natural white silk gives to the colour palette.


  1. The teaser photos look great! I cant wait to see a modeled shot.

  2. they look great ril! fingers crossed the show goes as planned! xx

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