Thursday, August 5, 2010

birthday baby

Okay, it's almost a week since my last post...too long! Life gets busy: trying to get a bunch of Echo scarves woven so I can take five days next week and go to PEI to visit my parents and a dear friend and partner who are home from London with their brand new baby. And yesterday was Damien's birthday - a whopping 32!! As we both get older, it amazes to think that we've been together since we were both 26 years old - 1/6 of our lives...and yes, I do tend to think in proportions and fractions, I am often measuring time like warp stripes in the sett of a reed.

Damien has gotten in the habit of wearing a headband lately, and I thought he could use a hand-knit, golden yellow, crown-shaped cotton one - it was fun to knit and he wore it to school yesterday for a day of painting crits.

I also made a fantabulous chocolate zuchini cake with cardamom cinnamon icing and raspberries that we'll be eating for days to come....yum.


  1. Happy birthday to Damien. It is very funny that you measure time like a warp! And I love, love, love that crown. Maybe we all should be wearing one?

  2. Happy Birthday to Damien! Maybe that's why I use mostly solid colors, I suck at proportions.

  3. Fantastic looking cake rilla and the crown is just perfect. I want one! :) love love love.. see you soon!!