Friday, July 16, 2010

sweet spot

I've noticed there's always a point in the weaving of a scarf that I call the "sweet spot". It usually seems to happen somewhere between the 1 foot and 3 foot mark. It's the point where my body feels in perfect rhythm with the loom, the warp tension is perfect, and the cloth is even and supple.
Today I'm finishing off a batch of narrow Wave scarves and thinking about my last minute decision to participate as an exhibitor in next weekend's Halifax Summer Craft Market (July 23- 25, corner of Queen Street and Spring Garden Road), organized by the Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council. I've never really participated in a summer craft fair, the assumption being that people aren't interested in buying scarves in the summer - but I'm hoping that isn't the case, and from what I've heard from other fibre people, tourists really appreciate being able to buy hand-crafted items that are easy to pack and take home. And, customers who are attracted to textiles are always attracted to textiles, no matter what the season. Still, I'm only going to display my cotton and silk scarves at this outdoor craft market and hope I hit that sweet spot of good timing: summer in full bloom in Halifax, lots of people around, and good local exposure.

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  1. I hope you enjoy wonderful success Rilla. Hope you are also enjoying a wonderful summer. Will I see you in November? xxxb