Tuesday, July 6, 2010

settling back in

We got back to Halifax last night after a week on PEI. After returning the car to the rental place this morning, I'm taking my time settling back into work. Just like anyone else, when I take time off from my job, the first day back is spent catching up on emails and correspondence, and generally getting that ball rolling again to ease into productivity.

Here's some photos from on trip:

This is one of the islands of Five Islands, Nova Scotia, along the Parrsboro shore of the Minas Basin. This is part of the Bay of Fundy, the highest tides in the world (I think - they are pretty dramatic).

My mom, Janet Marshall, and I spent Wednesday afternoon out in Rice Point, along the south shore of PEI. We lived in Rice Point from when I was 10 years old until I was almost 17. I spent a lot of time playing on this beach during the summer.

Some of my recent artwork mapped the shoreline of Rice Point and the little island, St. Peter's Island, that sits just off shore (the tide goes out really far and you can actually walk across at low tide). In this photo, you can see the tip of St. Peter's Island on the right, and the shoreline stretching around to the point of Rice Point on the left.

On Friday, Damien and I drove out to the Rollo Bay Bluegrass and Old Time Music Festival. We took our time getting out there, meandering up the north east coast of PEI, exploring little lanes that reached down to the shore. So many little cottages perched on red sandstone cliffs. Beautiful and idyllic, but I'd be worried about sea level rise and erosion....sandstone is very soft and PEI loses about 1 metre of shoreline every year during storm surges.

So many beautiful little golden sand dune beaches nestled between red cliffs, almost always empty. This part of PEI hasn't really been "tourist-fied", and most often the way to get down to these beaches is down private lanes. We just stopped and asked someone and she gave us permission to park and walk down her lane to this gorgeous beach we glimpsed through the trees.

The weekend we spent at the bluegrass festival with Damien's family and our dear friends Mille and Dan. Lots of sun, banjos, stand-up basses, mandalins, gorgeous harmonies, food and drinks. And some bug bites and swimming as well.

I spent the last day of my time house-sitting for my parents in Charlottetown while they were away on a weekend vacation to New Brunswick. These are my dad's beehives in their backyard: sheltered from the wind in the winter, he keeps them on the second floor of the shed and has cut holes in the wall for them to fly directly outside. During the summer, there is always a buzzing about 5 feet above your head when you're standing in that section of the yard.

My parents' beautiful, private backyard. I love sitting on that deck surrounded by grape vines growing around the trelis.

Sunset off Victoria Park in Charlottetown. When I'm in town, I always take as many walks as I can around the wooden boardwalk that circles the park.

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  1. Glad to check in on your work, Rilla, and your time off, too! I like the idea of the bee hives being up high, with their own flight path!