Wednesday, July 28, 2010

odds and ends

The last two days since finishing the NSDCC show, I taken off completely from weaving. Lots of other little things to get to, tasks that often get pushed to the side for the sake of scarves. So, a much deserved little vacation, but still productive. The main thing I got done is preparing the ribbon and acetate for Keeley to screen print me up some cloth labels.

And the prospect of being awarded this art-making grant has lit a fire under me: re-reading my original grant proposal and taking lots of important to just keep writing and get these visions and ideas down on paper . I've also been pouring over this book that Damien brought home from school for me called "The Map As Art - Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography" by Katharine Harmon. Lots of great artists in there, one work in particular that I thought was amazing is this collage using maps to depict a big rolling wave by Matthew Cusick called Fiona's Wave (above top). Looking at his work online, I also found another one of his map waves, Kara's Wave (above bottom).

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  1. So happy to hear about your big grant, Rilla! And I love that book too. It is full of good inspiration. XOX