Sunday, July 18, 2010

for my mother

Back in early spring, I posted a wide Wave scarf to my Etsy shop. The colour was called "wood and stone" : a mix of silvers, browns and blacks. My mother, a generous and loyal supporter of all my endeavors, immediately let me know that she loved the colours in this scarf and wanted to order one in the narrow version - "whenever I could get around to it".

I'm finally at the tail end of making lots of narrow Wave scarves, and I threw in a warp that was in this "wood and stone" pallette for her. After dyeing, the two scarves I was hoping would be in a similar colourway as that first admired scarf on Etsy didn't come exactly like I expected, but I want my mother to see them nonetheless.

Sometimes when I try to replicate colours, I end up with more of a variation on a theme than a carbon copy. So, here are the two scarves, together, on my mannequin out in the garden on a hot hot hot Sunday afternoon...

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