Thursday, May 20, 2010

custom shawl

A few weeks ago, I started working Saturdays at a great little shop here in Halifax called Love, Me Boutique. I've been selling my scarves there for the past year and a half and lots of my Halifax Crafters peers sell their work there as well. The owner, Chara Kingston has a great vision for the shop and only sells Canadian-made, hand-crafted work by artisans who produce small production runs. It's been my first "job" outside of my own weaving practice for the past three years, and I must say, it's nice to get out of the studio and into the public.

The customers who come in are wonderful and so appreciative of the work in the store, and I often see friends who pop in during their Saturday routine. Two weeks ago, my friend Lisa dropped in. Lisa is a poster woman for supporting Canadian designers and craftspeople and has great taste. She already owns two of my scarves and a custom hat I made for her years ago. After chatting with her that Saturday, she emailed me on Sunday and by Monday we had worked out the details of a custom shawl order. I'm finally getting to it this week, and today I set up the loom and started weaving. It is almost twice as wide as my normal Wave scarves and a bit longer as well. Once off the loom, I will dye in in a heather grey so that all the white silk changes colour. I also know from experience that the particular shade of bright red cotton that I am using will tint in the dyebath to become a darker, richer red (normally my colours of cotton don't take any of the dye meant for the silk, but for some reason this red likes to change value in a grey dyebath). It's wonderful to work on a larger custom piece for someone I know.

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  1. how bizarre is the blogging life. I came onto your site from My Fair Island's and read some of your posts. Then I read this one - I work NEXT DOOR to Love Me! I'm a therapist that has an office next door. Weirdly wonderful. I'll come and meet ya some day!