Monday, April 19, 2010

catching my breath

The last month has been very busy. Lots going on in my weaving life as I have been preparing for the open house of North Pocket Studio (last weekend) and Halifax Crafters' Spring Fling (this past weekend).

I'm pretty pleased with my new low-key booth set-up for the Crafters' show - clean, simple and organized...and all about colour! So happy I bought that drying rack, the mannequin and built myself a little shelf from scrap wood. Also, this was the first time I've used coloured cloth instead of black as a table/booth cover. - I figured spring is the right time for a little extra brightness.

I don't usually sell scarves in the spring - fall seems to be the scarf-buying season - so I only brought my cotton and raw silk scarves. Thank you to all those who stopped to chat or buy a scarf, I had a lovely time and really felt part of this thriving Halifax community. I'm pretty happy with how I did - I surpassed my selling expectations for the weekend!

The whole fair was great. I got to see lots of familiar faces, have some wonderful conversations, as well as peruse some incredible work. And customers were so enthusiastic and appreciative.

Above is the screen-printed work of Kat Frick Miller, as well as a nice sense of the awesome decorations we had to brighten up the space. Below is my studio mate at North Pocket Studio, Joanna Close with her selection of weaving and postcards.

Today I get to slow down, do some errands, and hang out with my friend Charlotte who is visiting from Toronto. Just waiting for the weather to turn back to spring and melt all the disappointing snow that fell last night....

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  1. lovely. thanks for the tour of the show.

    it's *always* scarf season in alaska. [smile]
    i am looking forward to my scarf from nova scotia!