Wednesday, March 17, 2010

wood and dirt

Two weeks ago, I bought a folding antique drying rack on Ebay from Conneticut and today it arrived. With an expandable tripod base, the arms on top fold out like an umbrella - a great space saving way to dry fibre and scarves, and a perfect rack for displaying scarves at local craft fairs (where I have a table). It's missing two arms, but they are easy to replace with the right sized dowel. The arms are all a little wonky and rest at different angles, but I kinda like the effect.

It is unbelievabley warm in Halifax today. 13 degrees Celsius. I planted a bunch of seeds to get started on transplants for the garden the other night, and I'm hoping the sunlight pouring into the kitchen in the afternoons will get those sprouts growing in no time.

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