Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I'm designing a new scarf at the moment. There's a few reasons: the first being that I want to have a scarf that is one step up in terms of price point from my Echo scarves, 7-8 " wide, lightweight using only cotton and raw silk, that I can have ready for the Halifax Crafters' spring market in April. Another reason to approach a new design right now is because my friend Melanie Fontaine has ordered handwoven cloth from me for making her wonderful hats and she needs cloth that is 7.5" wide. I've been wanting to do a Herringbone striped pattern for a while, and I love how the warp stripes make the pattern have a three dimensional effect. The woven cloth will be hand-dyed after weaving to colour the white silk and make the stripe pattern a little more subtle. After this first sample, there's still a little tweaking to do for both the hat cloth and scarves, but it's so much fun to be making something new!

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