Monday, March 1, 2010

could it be....spring?

Today we're seeing the first sunshine in Halifax for days. And on March 1st no less. Not that March 1st necessarily means we're home free where winter is concerned, but it feels so hopeful to have a mild, sunny day to welcome in the new month.

This will be a busy week, juggling multiple things.....I haven't mentioned this at all yet in my blog - I don't really think I've had that much time to digest it - but I have a second studio. Yup, a second studio! A shared studio way up in the north end of the city. This will be a place to set up and use my large Cranbrook loom which I dismantled after Christmas because it was taking up way too much space in my home studio. I'll be sharing the space with Joanna Close and her loom, and Keeley McLean and her sewing machine and serger. The three of us spent three days ripping up carpet, painting the wall and the floor and generally sprucing the place up since the middle of February. This means that I will be devoting time consistently to creating artwork with the goal of exhibiting and seeking some funding and grants to do this. It also means that I get to share a communal creative space with other artists - very very important as I spend most of my time working alone and I know I could benefit from more contact...there is also so much potential for a workshop series in our studio space, open houses, and making a little extra income with our "sellables" from walk-ins (we do have a storefront window).

I won't be moving my loom over there until Wednesday. Until then, I'm going to keep plugging away on Echo scarves, stocking up for the spring season.


  1. way to go rilla! xoxoxoxox

  2. oh my goodness - how much fun is that! I wish I was there, I'm requesting a tour in April.

    Where is the studio?