Friday, February 5, 2010

new on Etsy

I've been experimenting with the length of my Seaweed scarf this week. The first batch were a little too long, and the second batch are just right. I've just listed the extra long medium Seaweed scarves on my Etsy shop - they are a generous 74" long including 4" twisted fringe. I have also listed some that will be my new standard length for all my Seaweed scarves, 72" (including fringe), 4" longer than my scarves of yesteryear. Because these scarves are hand-felted after I weave them and shrink 25%, that extra four inches of woven cloth in the finished scarf is actually 5-6" of extra weaving when the scarf is on the loom.

I am now playing around with the diamond pattern itself on my loom. My goal is to narrow the warp stripes of raw silk while keeping the stripes of merino wool the same. This is a stripe proportion I used when I was making my plain weave Seaweed scarves. The objective is to create a scarf that will wear longer and is less likely to have the strands of silk pulled through wear and tear.

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