Monday, February 15, 2010

Labourious in Toronto

Right now, myself along with 7 other fibre-based artists, comprise an exhibition of artwork on the theme of labour, entitled "Labourious". The exhibition is up at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto until the beginning of April. Organized and curated by fellow NSCAD alumni Penney Burden, the exhibition opened in January. I wasn't able to be there to install my piece and I just got some photos of my work "en situe" from Penney last week.

My piece is called The Count: 2008-09, 198 Echo Scarves and is an actual record of cotton warp threads tied end to end and looped into one large chain. Each section of coloured cotton represents the weaving of 3 Echo scarves, my narrowest production scarf. Once I have the loom threaded with a certain pattern, I usually just keep tying on new warps to the end of the previous warp so I don't have to re-thread the loom each time I start a new batch. This creates this amazing length of multi-coloured, knotted cotton wrapped around the back beam of the loom once I am finished the weaving - too beautiful to be tossed and very interesting as a record of production.

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