Tuesday, January 12, 2010

toronto revisited, scarf for Florence

When I was in Toronto this past fall for the One of a Kind Show, I stayed with my cousin Kim, her husband Richard and their young daughters Jessie and Gemma. When I was there in 2008, I stayed with them as well. Because the hours of the show are so long, I would usually only get to see Jessie and Gemma in the mornings while having breakfast. In 2008 and 2009, the whole family would come to the show on one of the weekends and the girls would hang out with me for a while in my booth. The two of them would spend the whole week prior to their One of a Kind visit deciding which animals they were going to get painted on their faces (the kids' room offers face painting). Last week, my cousin Kim sent me some wonderful photos from both years at the One of a Kind and I love this one with Jessie, Gemma and I in my booth. This is from 2008 and Jessie and Gemma are a cheetah and a leopard repectively.

I also wanted to post this photo of a custom scarf in progress. This is a scarf for Florence, a lovely woman who ordered a scarf from me at the One of a Kind Show. She wanted a palette of rich plums, heathers, and a touch of dijon. After it's removed from the loom, the scarf will be dyed to only colour the white silk warp stripes, leaving the other shades of colour (cotton) untouched.

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