Wednesday, January 6, 2010

looking forward

Well, today is the day. After a much enjoyed vacation, today is the day I get back to work and into my studio. First up is a to do list for the coming season. The usual stuff: tackling my bookkeeping for 2009; setting a schedule to get some custom order scarves done in the next weeks.

And then there is the bigger stuff: I think I've decided to dismantle my giant Cranbrook loom for the time being. It dominates my studio in a big way, making the small room crowded. I love this machine, but it doesn't get used nearly as much as my little Leclerc loom (gotta pay the bills) and it takes up 75% of my studio. It can always be put back together when I got a stretch of larger work and/or art to make, or when my friend Joanna and I get our communal Halifax textile studio up and going. But, I realized yesterday, a cluttered studio clutters my mind and pushes me easily into feeling overwhelmed. A new year, a new space. And this means I will be able to have my little Leclerc by the window.....

Some other big stuff on my agenda this winter: use my current Home Terrain exhibition (up at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery in Charlottetown PEI until Feb. 28) as a springborad for more shows. I would love to work with the gallery and curator to get this exhibition to travel to other public galleries in the Atlantic provinces and beyond - I think it is relevant and appealing in so many ways. I also want to work with my friend Joanna Close to put a 2-person exhibition proposal together for St. Mary's University Art Gallery here in Halifax. Apply for grants (maybe even try the Canada Council again), become a juried member of the Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council as well as the New Brunswick and PEI Craft Councils. On the scarf front, I would really like to set myself a goal of establishing at least one wholesale client outside of Atlantic Canada - if anyone out there has suggestions for shops, please let me know!

I find winter is a time of collecting and storing up for the busier summer and fall seasons. A time to re-assess and re-prioritize after the marathon of the fall. I'm exctited for this new year and all the potential it brings with it.

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  1. "a cluttered studio clutters my mind and pushes me easily into feeling overwhelmed" - I couldn't agree more!!! I've made a very conscious effort over the last few months to be tidier in the studio and what an impact it makes on my mental state when I'm working!

    Good luck on the new projects! (and tackling that icky paperwork from '09!)