Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Joanna and I

My friend and fellow textile artist and weaver, Joanna Close and I have been talking about doing an exhibition together since last winter. Our work has evolved in a similar direction, especially our woven work. With a focus on Atlantic landscape and the content that builds these landscape images, we are both exploring ideas of home and community. Joanna recently completed a body of work called "a Family of Blankets" where she wove a blanket for each member of her immediate family, each blanket depicting an aspect of the environment familiar and evocative to that family member. Pictured above is the piece Stephen, handwoven, hand-dyed, wool and other fine wool fibres.

Our plan for doing an exhibition together has focused on submitting a proposal to St. Mary's University Art Gallery here in Halifax. The gallery's director/curator, Robin Metcalf is very keen on craft-based artwork, and it is a prominent gallery in the Atlantic provinces. This morning I called Robin to introduce myself and get the ball rolling on putting our exhibition proposal together. As is the case with most public galleries, exhibitions are already scheduled up until now is the time to start making plans. I would like to create more work focussed on mapping shorelines, an idea which I started to explore in Rice Point (pictured above). Robin Metcalf suggeted getting in touch with St. Mary's University geography department as a way to bring in new tools and opportunities for research and development in our work - an exciting prospect for me.

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  1. what a wonderful collaboration - your show will be wonderful!