Sunday, January 24, 2010

get outside

Yesterday, I decided it was time to wander. To get out of the studio and do some aimless wandering. I had ambitions to photograph some of Halifax's north end houses - I always take note of the great colour combinations and juxtapositions of the paint jobs for inspiration, but never have my camera. Alas, my battery ran out after just a couple of snaps. Another time I will have to take more.....

When I was downtown, I stopped into some clothing stores and tried on some winter blowout sale items. I found one of the nicest dresses I've ever seen. I think it is the colour combo that gets me: royal blue and fire engine red. The size the shop had was too small, so I checked out the website and found the dress there. It is made by an American company called Tulle. Thick, deep blue cotton canvas with bright red trim in a lighter cotton, empire waist with pockets. A perfect dress for winter.

1 comment:

  1. I miss all that colour - too much beige here [but there are some nice yellow & red bricks].