Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have almost always twisted the warp ends on my scarves, creating a 4 inch plyed fringe at either end of the scarf. A twisted fringe has movement and a dangly decorative effect, and I have honestly never really questioned my choice to finish my scarves in this way.

This week I completed a custom order for Shawn in London, Ontario. A black and grey wide Wave scarf for her boyfriend (above, on the left). She asked if I could make the scarf with little or no fringe, maybe for a more "masculine" look. I decided to do a simple hem stitch while the scarf was on the loom and then trim down the warp threads. A hem stitch works to secure the warp and weft threads so the weave won't unravel once the piece is removed from the loom, the same theory behind all fringe finishing techniques.

I must admit I am very impressed by the effect of the hem-stitched fringe: it is classy, understated, and very secure, allowing for less chance of warp or weft threads being pulled through wear and tear. It takes the same amount of time as twisting a fringe, and it uses less materials.......I know a hem-stitched fringe wouldn't work for all my scarf styles, but for the Wave scarf it may be a good evolution.

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