Friday, January 8, 2010

blue is the colour

This year, my new wide Wave scarf design was a big hit, and I actually sold out of the style at the One of a Kind Show, as well as receiving custom orders for five more, three of which I'm still working on. I started off yesterday with a blue and white Wave scarf warp. In the warp, the two tones of blue are cotton and the white is raw silk (which will be dyed a sky blue after the scarf is off the loom) and the weft is a third tone of blue in cotton. This scarf is for Enza - beautiful name - a woman who placed an order at the Toronto One of a Kind Show. Blue was very very popular this year, especially rich moody blues that veered towards violet.

Including Enza's blue scarf, I've got four custom orders to do in the next weeks. Three Wave scarves and one Seaweed scarf. Because I never weave just one scarf at a time if I can help it, I've measured out warps long enough to weave four scarves in a row in the colour palettes of each of the custom orders. This means that for each custom scarf I'll be weaving, there will be three others woven in the same colour, even though I only have 4 custom orders to fill, the long warps enable me to weave 16 scarves, 12 of which will go into building up my stock.

And I am really enjoying weaving in my "new" studio, my loom right next to the window, with a view of the street and park.

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  1. Great Pictures! What loom are you using?