Thursday, January 7, 2010

before and after

I did it! What a difference 24 hours makes. Yesterday I dismantled my giant Cranbrook loom (pictured below in the chaotic "before" picture) and carried each heavy solid maple piece down to the basement for storage. I cleaned my studio, purged, and rearranged. I put my little Leclerc right next to the window and moved it out of the tiny corner it has been squished into for the last eight months. I have floor space, I have breathing space and I am so excited to work in my studio now! I could even have a dance party in there now if I wanted to.....

Before and after from hallway (two images above)

Before and after from french doors to living room (two images above)

the view from my loom's new position. Look at the light - look at the space! A little bit more organizing to do in the studio, but so much more stepping over piles inside a maze of looms.


  1. now it's such an inspiring place!

  2. it looks great - what a difference to have a bit of room in the studio, I agree.