Thursday, December 10, 2009

to toronto and home again

I got back from two weeks at the Toronto One of a Kind Show on Tuesday afternoon. The longest Christmas retail show I've ever done. 11 days, 11 hours a day (except for Sundays, which were only 8 hours).
Lots of it was great: meeting customers and fellow weavers who are so appreciative of my work, meeting other exhibitors in my little neighborhood of the show (wonderful group of people that I need to stay in touch with), spending some time with old friends, watching the amazing abundance of people that is Toronto, and all the stimulation of a big show that prompts growth and excitement about the direction of Marshall Arts. Some of it was exhausting: being in a large exhibition hall with no natural light for 11 hours a day, the long transit trips to and from the show everyday (especially the night-time ones at the end of a long day), the roller coaster of having high and low sales days, and the incessant stream of humanity.

My booth changed a lot from the beginning of the show until the end. I had to keep re-arranging my scarves, removing ladders and tiers of dowels, as my scarves got thin on the racks. I sold a bit more than two thirds of my stock. Sadly, in my rush to take down my booth, I forgot to take a very last picture on the last night when I had only two or three scarves on each was a pretty drastic transformation!

So, now I am home again, enjoying relaxing and puttering. Damien's Intermediate Sclupture class had a group exhibition the night I got back - a great way to return home again.

I have a few custom orders to get done before Christmas, and I need to get my Etsy shop back up and running by the weekend. I'm also enjoying re-organizing our home for the winter and doing some tidying up after a few months of neglect while Damien and I have both been very busy. Home again home again jiggidy jog. The past month feels like a blur......


  1. Congratulations on staying sane through so much work and travel in such a small window of time!
    Good to know you did well with your shows- thanks for sharing your experience!
    Your product is beautiful, functional, and made with skill and quality- something to be very proud of! Big pat on the back, Rilla!

  2. How wonderful, Rilla! I admire you for even doing it - and to do it so successfully is even more amazing. XOX