Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Once I weave my scarves and cut them from the loom in batches of 3, 4,or 6, it's time to twist the fringes made by the warp ends. I recently hired a NSCAD textile student to help me out one day a week to twist the fringes for me. This allows me to keep weaving while my "assistant" works on the fringes. Because I was sick last week, it had been two weeks since Jenny came over and I had a big pile of 27 scarves that needed twisting. So after weaving in the morning, I joined Jenny in the afternoon to twist and kept going long into the evening last night, planted on the couch using my trusty four-prong twister to ply the fringes. Depending on the width of the scarf, twisitng fringes can take anywhere from 15 minutes a scarf to 40 minutes a scarf. The tidal scarves I was working on last night take me about 20 minutes per scarf. The twisted fringes keep all the weft threads tightly bound in the woven web and take on a nice, decorative weight - creating a finished length of woven cloth, perfectly contained and structurally secure.

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