Saturday, October 17, 2009

new sign

I've been trying to decide what to do about my need for a mannequin or poster for my craft fair booth. A mannequin or bust would great to display one of my scarves on - but it is difficult to find one that is easy to transport via plane or post. The other idea was to get a poster made of a photo of someone modeling my scarves - easy to roll up and travel with. But this reminds me too much of a Sears catalogue. And on another note, I haven't found a way to make a satisfactory sign for Marshall Arts....again, a sign that is easy to transport and hang.

So I needed to resolve display and signage. I was letting it percolate and last night I noticed my old hang tags. I stopped using these hang tags last winter when I started using Moo mini cards. The tag was a black line drawing traced from a photo of myself wearing a Seaweed scarf and framed within a cameo-like oval. I thought it would make a great sign/poster: with my business name and image of a scarf being worn. Originally I thought about getting it commercially printed (Damien works at a commercial printer here in Halifax), but then I thought of screenprinting it onto fabric with the help of my friend Joanna Close who teaches at NSCAD. With her help (I haven't done any screen printing since graduating from NSCAD 5 years ago), I'm going to print it on a heavy natural cotton twill in a dark brown or black, weighted at top and bottom with encased dowels.

So, last night I set up Damien's projecter, some big pieces of paper, pencil and black marker and enlarged the image and font. Now that I have it full size and contrast on paper, I will trace the image onto acetate. The acetate will be exposed using UV light onto a screen coated with photo emulsion and the screen will work like a giant stencil. I think I would have really enjoyed graphic design in the pre-computer era.

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  1. I still make all my screenprinting films by hand - it's so nice to sit down and draw once in a while!