Friday, October 30, 2009

breathing space and winding up

This is my last weekend before I start the month of travel and shows. Between November 3 and December 8, I will only be home again in Halifax for one week. From now until Tuesday, I've got things under control. I have less than two scarves left to weave and a pile of Seaweed scarves to dye and felt (fringes beautifully twisted by my studio assistant Jenny Fife).

Last night my friend Joanna helped me screen print my new booth sign at NSCAD. I printed it on unbleached cotton twill in a dark chocolate brown. It was so much fun printing again after five or six years and I am so happy with it! Over the weekend I will sew it to a backing and attach dowels. Monday I will do last minute things like printing more business cards and packing. Almost there and feeling like I can breathe easy.

1 comment:

  1. the screenprinted banner looks wonderful, Rilla! good luck in St. John's, and I'll be visiting you in Toronto.