Tuesday, September 8, 2009

up and coming

The next few months are going to be very busy. Weaving and preparing for the onslaught of Christmas craft shows, a solo exhibition of my artwork, some hefty wholesale orders, and basically making hay while the sun shines in these autumn months. The crisp fall air makes people want to wrap up with style and coziness. I'm hoping my new cuffs will also do well, mostly for the Halifax Crafters' Art Harvest show this coming weekend. Handwoven with raw silk and cotton and then each hand-dyed, each cuff measures 3.5" wide and 7" long on the inside from velcro to velcro. I'm hoping to have 36 made for the show this weekend - so far I have 24 finished. Next: to find the time to build some nice display branches for them....

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