Wednesday, September 30, 2009

sick days and friends

I've been battling a bad cold the last couple of days. Getting a bit of weaving done here and there, but also having to take lots of naps and blow my nose often. It makes me feel a little anxious to have to take time off from weaving to get better, but hearing reassurance from my good buddies makes me feel better. My dear friend Kyla just moved to London England to study and she sent me this picture today, taken just before she left at the beginning of September. It's a shot of Brooke Miller (left), Kyla Milne (center) and myself (right), all three of us good friends since our teenage years. Kyla reminded me in an email today that I will get my weaving done, not to worry, and the most important thing to do is take care of myself while I'm sick and rest when I need to. Aww, the wisdom and comfort of friends....

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