Thursday, August 6, 2009

of bees and wasps and structural homes

My father, who is a beekeeper in Charlottetown PEI, sent me these great photos this morning of his bees swarming high up on a tree. He also recently discovered a wasps' nest built under the bottom of the garden cart during the course of this summer - an amazing feat of structure and beauty to create a communal home. Social insects do amazing things when they work together.


  1. Hi Rilla - Your father is beekeeper??? It is one of my dreams...I am so fascinated by and a little scared of bees. I love those photographs.

    And so wonderful to see your work shaping up for your big exhibition. Love it all! XOXO

  2. it's a good summer for bee photos, eh?

  3. Great photos Rilla. You are the lucky recipient of some yummy honey then. Good stuff