Saturday, August 8, 2009

ocean weaving

This week I felt like I was stumbling a bit after the completion of my blanket. A little deflated, I found it hard to focus. An eczema flare up on my hands, arms, legs and feet didn't help matters - it's difficult to concentrate and function, let alone feel inspired when my skin is so irritated and itchy. I took yesterday afternoon off, soothed my skin in a bath and slept. It seems to have helped a great deal and today I feel better and excited about my work again.

Taking a rest also gave me the chance to contemplate without acting, and I realized that even though much of my recent work has to do with the landscape of Atlantic Canada, I haven't actually done any pieces about the ocean that surrounds and shapes the geography we live in. To me, the feeling of home has always had to do with the ocean: the salty fresh smell on the wind, the calming, meditative quality of an endless horizon, the sound and rhythm of waves crashing or gentle lapping, the way the colour of the water changes with the day and the light, the incredible treasures it can bring in with the tide, its mysterious power that can create, sustain or destroy life. I started this piece today, and am happy to fill the frame completely with a receding seascape. The blue of the ocean is dyed with natural indigo on raw silk. I'm trying to capture the feeling of looking out and watching the endless ocean. I find as I'm weaving, that calm ocean feeling is washing over me.

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