Thursday, August 6, 2009


I don't feel like this week has been particularly productive in the art-making department. My work seems to be moving slow and I feel distracted by other things. Our cat Luigi has been sick and yesterday's vet bill was steep. Of course this prompts me to think about ways to bring in a bit more income to make life easier financially, and so I turn to my scarves after putting them aside at the end of June. I have been completely neglecting my Etsy Shop for the past month and a half, but today I resolved to spend the afternoon taking photos of some scarves I have in stock and posting them to my shop in an effort to be proactive and sooth a sense of unease I have about the cost of living in a more expensive city. I really like this shot above....the pink is so rich and reminds me of my dear Corner Brook friend Barb Hunt (she LOVES pink).

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