Wednesday, July 22, 2009

working away

This is my third day in a row weaving on my blanket. I should be halfway through by the end of today. I'm really enjoying seeing how it's coming along, but there is always some mystery until it's removed from the loom: as I weave, the woven cloth gets wound around the front beam of the loom and I can only actually view up to ten inch widths at a time. All the colours are from various natural dyes, some locally collected, some handed down to me, and some purchased from natural dye companies. Indigo, cocheneal, spirea, onions skins, madder root, alkanet, saffron, henna - so far! I plan on doing some more dyeing this weekend after I go MacNab's Island (in the mouth of Halifax harbour) to collect plants with my friend Joanna's natural dye class from NSCAD.

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