Wednesday, July 8, 2009

surrendering to process with joy

I spent yesterday spinning wool fleece for my Home Terrain blanket project. The one-ply yarn I'm creating will be dyed and used for inlay in my graph/landscape compositions. All the wool I'm using comes from Newfoundland and PEI. I have also been experimenting with carding and spinning in bits of yarn scraps from my scarf production, inspired by the hand-spun wool of Robyn Love and Shawn O'Hagan and the desire to integrate the material flotsam and jetsam of my own (income generating) work into this project.

After a day on Monday of feeling a little panicky about diving into two months of art (exciting but scary), yesterday I realized I simply must surrender to process and let process and the contemplation that accompanies the time it takes to complete each step determine the structure of my days and the decisions that will arise. So I am spinning spinning spinning, in preparation for dyeing. And while I spin, I am imagining the possibilities that will come further down the line without having to make any quick decisions, trusting that when the time comes, a natural resolution will arise from days of repetitive action and creative contemplation. Important decisions are almost always 90% contemplation and 10% action.

For inspiration, I found this deceptively simple cloth at Value Village the other day. Probably handwoven in a Central or South American country, I love the use of inlay, a technique that is central to my art practice. In this case they used the inlay to create an amazingly effective linear, directional pattern.

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