Thursday, July 16, 2009

reasons why I love my cranbrook loom

After tying on and beaming my warp yesterday, I was finally ready to weave. This was after a week of preparing warp, weft and inlay materials, and two days of reeding and threading my loom. And once I was ready to weave, I remembered why the Cranbrook countermarche loom is the cadillac of looms and such a pleasure to work with. Big, wide shed, even with sticky one ply wool; treadles that lock into place to hold open the shed so that I can walk from side to side which is necessary with a 60" blanket and the upcoming inlay work; a hanging beater which is very forgiving and cooperates with gravity to give the weaver more control. I am also very happy with my cloth of madder root dyed warp and onion skin dyed weft. After weaving a few inches of cloth last night, today I will take the information I gathered with my own population survey (I'm making my own statistics!) and work on creating the graph/landscapes I will work into the blanket with inlay. It is such a joy to be working on my Cranbrook loom again.....

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