Wednesday, July 15, 2009

my amazing mother

I know it's a little late for mother's day - but shouldn't it be mother's day everyday? So, just for the sake of it, here's an ode to my mother:

My mom Janet is amazing. She is brave, intelligent, strong, warm, compassionate and beautiful - all qualities of the person I aspire to be. She accomplishes a lot every single day and always has. She has run a health food store, coordinated conferences and research projects for the betterment of women and all society, directed a rape crisis centre, raised two happy well-adjusted children, planted thousands and thousands of garlic bulbs (maybe even tens of thousands), renovated bathrooms, started a community organic garden, sat on many non-profit boards, collected lots of eel grass for garden mulch, sewed many clothes for her children and husband, and been unconditionally enthusiastic about all of my artistic endeavors...and so much more. In August, I will be the same age my mother was when she conceived me at the age of thirty and a half. I am one who keeps track of these things - I must admit I have an attraction to numbers and proportions. The age my mother was as a single mom when she had me has always been a milestone in my head, and now that I'm almost there, it's got me thinking about the trajectory of her life and my own.

In two weeks, my younger brother is moving to California to be with his lady love. My brother, my dad and my mom will all come down to Halifax the day before his flight so we can all be together as a family before he leaves. California is far, but I am excited for him. It might take some adjusting on my parents' part as he's been an amazing support over the past year and a half while he's lived at home. I am very happy to be closer to my family and my mom now that we are living in Halifax - it is a short three and a half hour drive away and it means many more frequent visits in both directions.

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  1. Hi Rilla,
    We miss you here in Corner Brook but we are so glad to know that you are happy. I would love to meet your mother some day, she sounds like a truly wonderful woman.