Monday, July 13, 2009

July weekend

This past weekend was a big one for Halifax. Paul McCartney played an huge outdoor concert on Saturday night on the Commons, a large open area in the center of the city. Joel Plaskett, the hometown hero, opened for him. Damien and I made out way up Citadel hill to hear the music and watch all the people. It was pretty amazing to hear Joel Plaskett's music echoing off the city in the evening sunlight and watching all of those perched on the hill to catch the tunes singing along to every word. The photos above are of the intersection in the chaos before Paul started playing and the crowds starting to gather for a free listen on Citadel Hill. I think upwards of 50,000 people bought tickets (not us - they were very expensive tickets). Paul was fantastic - playing a lot of Beatles songs (this is the closest I will ever get to a Beatles concert!) and keeping everyone inside and outside the concet grounds very happy. What an amazing feeling to bike home through the crowds singing along with everyone else to songs we all know sooo well.

Aside from the hoopla and the crowds of the weekend, I did some prep work for dyeing yesterday. Collecting a flowering shrub from the back of our yard and processing it by seperating the flowers from the leaves and stems. I will let them simmer over the next couple of days and see what happens. I haven't been able to pin down what kind of plant it it yet though - but I'm sure I will get some colour for my handspun inlay yarn! I also took out more warp wool that had been sitting in a madder dyebath all weekend, and I love the fleshy salmon colour, slightly more saturated than my first madder dip last week. I saved the soaked, chopped madder root and am letting them dry on a piece of watercolour paper to see how they stain the paper.

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