Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hundertwasser tapestries

Freidensreich Hundertwasser has been one of my favourite artists since I was introduced to images of his work about seven years ago. Better known as an architect and a painter, I recently discovered that he also created and designed tapestries. I was very excited by this new piece of knowledge, but somehow not surprised. His work has always seemed very textily to me in his use of colour and pattern. Yesterday I found some images of his tapestries online. Like his paintings, his tapestries have a wonderful sense of play and embrace the medium without forcing a carbon copy of an image through the use of a cartoon or template. He also designed pile rugs, woven by Afghan weaver Zia Udden (second image from the top), the imagery and detail amazing.

"Hundertwasser’s first tapestry 133 Pissing Boy With Sky-Scraper was woven 1952 because of a bet in which he claimed that he could weave a tapestry freehand without a cardboard template, which means without a weaving pattern the size of the tapestry. All Hundertwasser tapestries that have been executed afterwards by weavers of Hundertwasser’s choice have been created without cardboard templates."

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