Thursday, July 2, 2009

canada day

Yesterday I picked up a rental car that I've got for week. The first adventure was a trip out to my friends Dennis' and Melanie's house on Heckman's Island, close to Lunenburg. They hosted a big birthday/Canada Day party and potluck for friends, family and neighbors. The live in this great little cottage turned winterized house on a inlet in cottage country south of Halifax. Dennis is an old friend from when I lived in Halifax in my early twenties and Melanie is his lovely and very crafty partner. She is Quebecoise and has been making incredible hats full and part time for the last few years. She sells them at a couple of big shows in Montreal and at a selection of boutiques and shops in Nova Scotia.

Dennis and Melanie recently went on a trip to Guatamala to travel and for her to find local traditional weavers to commission to make her fabric for her hats. She paid them double or triple what they would normally charge for their work and has made a collection of beautiful hats from the handwoven cloth. My good friend Kyla chose a wonderful hat with traditionalCentral American inlay weaving - in the photo here, she's wearing her beautiful hat while Melanie is wearing the scarf she chose from the selection of Wave scarves I brought out and we did a trade (woopee!!!). The hat I chose is handwoven cloth made from handpsun cotton, grown, spun and dyed by the weaver herself and I love it. Click here to see more: Meversible (because they are made by Melanie and they are also reversible).


  1. love love love the hats. great to see you are hav'in a great summer.
    Have a grateful day

  2. hey Rilla!! Wow thats a wonderful little story, I am touched that my hats made it onto your blog! That is really neat! Hey how did all your shows go? We ll have to get together sometime soon to share our little business experiences and also I am getting 20 meters of fair trade hand spun organic undyed cotton, all hand woven too!! And would really love to learn about natural dyes with you as I know you are full of good knoledge like that!! Hope all is well little weaver!
    mel x