Wednesday, June 24, 2009

switching gears

In the next week, I'm aiming to get the bulk of my summer scarf weaving finished. Most of these scarves will go shops that sell my work on consignment. Once July starts, I plan to switch gears and devote July and August to fully focusing on my artwork. I have a solo exhibition in November at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery and Museum and have been developing the body of work called "Home Terrain" for that show since January. To really build up momentum in my work and ideas and allow myself the time to play and experiment, I need to be somewhat single-minded and limit any scarf weaving. Though I definitely take technique and colour influences from my production work into my art practice, I do find I need to seperate the two to relinquish the role of counting time in my weaving. Relinquishing time (a quantity essential to production work) frees up my headspace for play and art and discovery.

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