Wednesday, June 3, 2009

scarf for Australia's winter

The last month, I've received a few custom order requests through my Etsy shop. It amazes me how Etsy is able to provide me with a calling card to the world for my work. And I love hearing from people all over the world. Last week, I received a special request from a woman in Australia who wanted to replace a scarf that her partner had lost in Holland. Because winter is close in Australia (as we're soaking up our brief but glorious summer here), she wanted it to have some wool in it. Also, she wanted the colours to be burnt orange and dark brown. I looked back over my many many photos of Newfoundland shoreline and came upon a shot of seaweed in the sun. Burnt, cayenne orange and brown. Woven with alpaca, raw silk and merino, I finished the scarf yesterday and took this photo while it was hanging in the sun to dry. I adapted the undulating herringbone pattern of my Wave scarves and over-dyed the scarf to give the silk a rich orange colour amongst the darker stripes of brown.

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