Monday, June 8, 2009

my weekend's labour

After humming and hawing for weeks about how to go about building wall shelves for my studio and working amidst piles of boxes, I decided this weekend that I could build my own shelves. Armed with a hand-saw, a screwdriver, a drill, some lumber, screws, wall plugs and brackets, I set to work on Saturday. First off, I needed shelves for my studio library to fit behind the door in the corner. I installed them yesterday and am very proud of the result. I also built long, narrow shelves (re-making the ones pictured in earlier posts so that they would be more secure and not so wobbly), but this morning, all gung-ho to mount them on the wall, I'm having trouble getting the wall-plugs to go all the way into the drilled holes. I got pretty far in this endeavor by myself, but now it's time to call in my good buddy Jordan, who is a wall shelf expert. He has a massive vinyl collection, much of which is organized on wall shelves he built and installed himself.....

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