Thursday, June 4, 2009

in bloom

Everything in Halifax is lush lush lush right now. The beginning of June is a magical time for life, colours, smells and being outdoors! Damien and I went for an amazing bike ride at dusk the other night down to the richy rich part of town with the huge, old victorian homes sloping down to the Northwest Arm, the body of water that reaches around the peninsula of Halifax from the harbour. The smells in the air were incredible as we were whizzing past lilacs, crab appple blossoms, and other blossoming trees in full bloom. Our own backyard boasts a total of five different lilac trees, and the one right outside our bedroom window is in all its glory right now....


  1. your life is so rich right now rilla! xxx

  2. lilacs in bloom!!! i can't wait for mine, they barely have leaves yet... what a difference in climates, and so short a jog away! enjoy!!