Monday, June 1, 2009

hanging cloth/drying cloth

I've been thinking about how we organize stuff, the objects of our productivity. This is a result of living and working in my new studio for the past few weeks, despite the lack of storage and shelving infrastructure. Over the weekend, I found a wooden towel bar in someone's pile of free stuff (Halifax is great for curbside free stuff). I'm thinking of using it in my studio to hang one of my booth display racks from - I could use it for drying scarves after they've been washed or dyed, and I could use it for displaying a selection of scarves for particular clients or visitors.

Today is the day that my friend Joanna Close and I plant our vegetable garden. Joanna is a textile artist who has been weaving these amazing vegetable garden blankets since we went to NSCAD together...she's just the right person to help plan a real vegetable garden. Organizing and arranging through repetition of rows of seeds, predicting how things will grow and making sure they have enough room to prosper. This morning, after a night of rain, the sun is out but it is windy. The clothes on the line were throwing beautiful shadows on our plot of rich, ready, dark soil.

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  1. love the beauty of your drying rack- makes me think i need to scrounge mahself one... though not easily p'curable with the lack of curbs here in the middle of a forest :P