Thursday, June 11, 2009

grey days

Yesterday, today and tomorrow are gray days. The June temperature has dropped to a mere 10 degrees and it is dark. I think we're supposed to get thunderstorms today. As I like to do on gray days, I have mined my library of images for connections and interesting juxtapositions. Even gray subject matter can lend itself to inspiration! As usual, I found some interesting shots that I took in Newfoundland, where the gray rock and shoreline offers incredible opportunities to contemplate. Along with a typical wharf construction and rock strata, I chose a picture of a selection of my Echo scarves, arranged to emulate a vertical, graph-like composition.

My parents and brother are making their way to Halifax today from Charlottetown, PEI - their first visit to our new home. So before they arrive late this afternoon, I'm doing a little weaving, some cleaning and baking for tonight's desert. My father will help me install some of my studio shelves tomorrow. I am really looking forward to having them visit and live in our little hospitable world for a couple of days - despite the non-cooperative weather.

1 comment:

  1. i love those wharf posts, all that weathered wood is fantastic.