Tuesday, June 16, 2009

coming together

My father helped me properly install some of my studio shelves this weekend. These narrow shelves that I built last week are perfect for all my bobbins of coloured cotton and natural raw silk, and the six foot long wall shelf I found second hand is perfect for my larger cones of wool. No more digging through a deep shelf or a box to find the colour I'm looking for. I also found a fantastic little filing cabinet that fits perfectly (pure serendipity) under my bottom corner shelf - finally I can organize and file away everything from my book-keeping to my exhibition contracts instead of having a pile of files on a shelf. What's left: putting the guts in my big Cranbrook loom to prepare for a July and August of weaving art, and making some more smaller shelves for those odds and ends that are still in boxes. It sure is nice to see my space (my adult "playroom") coming together so nicely.

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