Wednesday, May 13, 2009

weaving again

It is so nice to have my loom up and going and have a project on the go. Today I started weaving the commissioned/collaborative shawl for Susan Furneaux. She dyed two different weights of silk for the weft: the thicker silk dyed with indigo, and the finer silk dyed with logwood. I quickly realized it wouldn't be a matter of me choosing one over the other for the whole weft as I had underestimated how much was needed for a piece this wide (my production scarves are ususally about 12" wide - this one is 24" wide). Instead, I am alternating shots with two shuttles: one shot of fine purple (logwood), and shot of thicker blue (indogo). I am very happy with the results, the combination of theses two rich colours creating a very nice depth to the woven pattern.

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