Thursday, May 28, 2009

process interview

The online magazine Fibre Quarterly, edited by Joe Lewis, has just posted it's new issue. This issue focuses on process, particularly on the process of creating entrepreneurial textiles. I hope to spend some time reading the articles over the weekend.....There is also an interview with me about my production weaving process. Click on Fibre Quarterly and then click on the image of the new issue, scroll down to "an entrepreneurial approach to textiles in Canada", and you'll find my interview amongst the other articles.
On another nice note of exposure, the blogs of Shawn O'Hagan and myself were featured on the One of a Kind Show (Xmas 2009) blog - two Newfoundlanders!!! Again, you can be anywhere in the world (even the far flung east coast of Canada), and find a following with a web presence.

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