Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the move

well, we made it safe and sound. We arrived in Halifax Friday afternoon after a crazy last few hours on the road in high winds and pouring rain. Aside from that last stretch though, everything went perfectly. We even got a good night sleep on the ferry! Now we are taking the time to settle into our new home, reconfigure our furniture, build some shelves, acquire some chairs (we came here with none), and slowly get used to the joys of Halifax living again. We love our new home. It is bright, spacious, with a big backyard and basement. It feels like a home - that's what I felt when I first saw it back in March, and all my lovely daydreams are being confirmed as we discover and get used to all the wonderful little surprises of our new home. I'm starting to get the weaving itch after about three weeks or so of not weaving. My studio still needs some work (shelves shelves and more shelves are in order), but my little loom should be ready to get going soon....
Pictured above is Damien in our empty apartment just before we left Corner Brook, the amazing Long Range mountains on the way to Port-Aux-Basques, my new studio shelves for my scarf production materials, and our bright and inviting kitchen where I have already drunk many cups of coffee while watching the (already very green and bright, the trees are about to burst!) backyard through the window.


  1. good to hear your voice again rilla and know that your journey was safe and that you are happy in your new home. we all went to the knitting group last night and missed you. xxx

  2. Hi Rilla, I've been waiting to hear that you arrived safely. yea! Your kitchen looks very inviting, I look forward to the day I get to sit there with you. I know you are happy and I'm glad.