Sunday, May 24, 2009

the joys of urban living

I know I haven't been posting as much as I have in the past, but I'll try and make up for it by posting lots of wonderful photos of life and art in Halifax. We had an amazing run of beautiful hot sunny days this past week. Damien and I took a trip downtown on Friday afternoon to drop off some of his paintings and collages to the Seeds Gallery, NSCAD's commercial gallery for students and alumni. This was only my second time going downtown in the three weeks we've been here! I've been happily sticking close to home I guess. We took a walk through the public gardens on the way home.
Yesterday was Saturday and Damien and I went yard saling. There were tons of yard sales, there was even a neighborhood yard sale in the Bloomfield area - at least two yard sales on every block! We found lots of treasures: pad of graph paper, soap dish, stainless steel bowl, lettuce spinner, cordless phone, clock radio, books, hand sewn hot dish holders (what are these called?!), and last but not least, at the last sale we stopped at - there was the perfect bike for me. Sky blue, older model where I can sit up straight, fenders - all it needs is a basket. When I asked how much, they told me I could have it as long as I gave it a good home. And finding even a second hand bike in this city can get pretty pricey...I felt like the sun ws shining on me ;) Another customer even gave me a lucky penny, saying he hoped it would help extend my amazing luck. All the bike needed was to have the derailer straightened out and a little tune-up. I brought it to the handy Bike Doctor around the corner and I should get it tomorrow or the next day. Now we need to find Damien a bike too so we can cruise around town together.
And in the midst of this lovely settling, I have finished weaving my first batch of scarves in my new studio. I am looking forward to establishing routine in the next couple of weeks. I found this card at the Seeds Gallery, printed by the Dawson Printshop as part of their series of "Old Trades" cards with engravings reproduced from The Book of Trades, 1568 by Josh Ammon and Hans Sachs. I have put it up right next to my production loom.

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  1. it all sounds so perfect! i will be thinking of you guys as we buzz through NS on friday....