Tuesday, May 26, 2009

hang tags

Tags are really important for my scarves. They set a tone and hopefully demonstrate my design priorities as a textile artist. I have been slowly transitioning to new hang tags since the winter. Shawn O'Hagan tipped me off about this great on-line printing company called Moo, originally based in London, UK, who now have a US shop. Their on-line ordering set-up is fantastic and makes it very easy to use your own photos for your cards. For my hang tags, I've ordered their "mini cards". I now have a garment tag for each line of scarves I make, plus an accompanying business card with all my contact info. The paper stock is lovely too: made from sustainable paper sources and very durable - hopefully meaning the customer will hold onto the garment care tag for years to come or pass the business card on to friends.

1 comment:

  1. Great tags Rilla, I'm sure you're happy with them. I've been on the fence about new tags as well. Think I may check out moo as well.
    Blessings sister