Wednesday, April 29, 2009

almost there

Today we picked up our UHaul truck for our move to Halifax. We've spent the day packing most of our stuff into the truck and our studio apartment looks very bare. Our stuff mostly consists of boxes and pieces of wood. The wood makes up my two looms, our bed, some tables and shelves. We are very happy we were able to get a 14 foot truck instead of the 26 foot truck they were originally going to give us - my persistence with convincing the UHaul people that we were not comfortable driving such a large vehicle (almost the size of a transfer truck) paid off and they drove us a smaller truck in from Stephenville last night. We've got some odds and ends to tidy up, kitchen stuff to pack, one more sleep in Corner Brook tonight and then tomorrow we hit the road and head to Port-Aux-Basques to catch the overnight ferry to North Sydney, Cape Breton. From there we have a five hour drive to Halifax and should arrive at our new home Friday afternoon. Now that we've got our truck and almost everything packed in it, my anxiety has been replaced by excitement at how close we are to our next adventure.

And last night we had a lovely farewell potluck hosted by the amazing Barb Hunt and her partner Gerry. It was wonderful to see Shawn, Shannon, Nicki, Nancy and family, Steven and Tea, Ruha, and of course Barb and Gerry before we leave. Most of the friends who came last night were the wonderful women who make up the West Coast Craft Collective, a group of kindred spirits who have embraced me and offered me friendship and creative wisdom during my time here. I will miss these incredible women but know that through the magic of the internet we will be able to follow each others' endeavors and keep in close touch in the years to come. Thank you thank you thank you and lots of love to you all.


  1. I hope that the move went well~snow???~and that your new place is warm and welcoming! :)

  2. Safe travels! We will miss you.

  3. Good Luck and all the best in your new home.